Business Intelligence Models

FEB33014 Academic year 2011-2012

Lecturers:D. Vandic MSc
Contact:A.M.C. Kop
  • Assignments, essays, ... (30%)
  • Oral (re-)examination (70%)
Period: block 3
Exam period: Block 3, Resit (July)
Exam material:
  • All handouts/articles
  • All homework assignments
  • Working with analytical software (R)
Study level:Bachelor 3
Secretary: ESE-Secretariaat Econometrie
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Application:via SIN-Online


  • Give students thourough understanding of the `intelligence' part of business intelligence

  • Gain hands-on experience with these methods by applying them to business cases

  • Working with real life datasets

  • Working with analytical software (R or Weka)

  • Apply Business Intelligence models and methods to real life data-sets


This course considers methods used in Business Intelligence from a technical viewpoint.

Students study several methods and apply these methods to business cases.

A list of topics for this course is:

  • Exploratory data analysis and data cleaning

  • Model evaluation

  • Simple classification methods

  • Linear models

  • Logit models

  • Clustering (Hierarchical and K-means)


  • G. Schmeuli, N.R. Patel and P.C. Bruce. Data Mining for Business Intelligence. Wiley, 1st edition, 2007. (ISBN: 0470-08485-5)

Business Intelligence Models FEB33014 Academic year 2011-2012